RTE France


Hades is a free software distributed by RTE France to run loadflow, security analysis, sensitivity computations and remedial actions simulations on a grid.


RTE provides closed-source jars to integrate Hades to an application based on powsybl. Hades2 is distributed in the form of closed source because it is a legacy software that is not suitable for open source collaboration. Please read the complete software license agreement before going further.

Installation guide

Hades is compatible with Linux (64 bits) and with Windows (64 bits) environments.


Hades2 uses OpenMP to compute in parallel.


Under GNU/Linux operating system, this library can be installed using the packages manager:

$> yum install libgomp


Under Windows operating system, you have to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.


To download and use Hades2, please agree to the license agreement by checking the following checkbox:


To install Hades, simply extract the content of the archive.

$> tar xf hades2-V6.
$> cd hades2-V6.
$> ./hades2
init iodico
RTE load flow tool - RTE HADES trial and academic license expiring the 31/10/2019
usage :

commands :
 hades2 LF    <adn_in> <adn_out>  [<logs.xml>] [<timeout(secondes)>] [<nbThreads>] : calcul

 hades2 RSCT  <adn_in> <fic_out> : calcul matrices RSCT

 hades2 TD  <adn_in> <fic_out> : calcul sensibilites TD

 hades2 txt    <adn_out> <fic_res> : sorties adn en txt
 hades2 adntxt    <adn_in> <rep_adn> : sorties adn en txt

where :
  <adn_in>      : ADN input file name
  <adn_out>     : ADN output file name
  <fic_res>     : fichiers _noeuds.txt et _quads.txt avec resultats

Integration in powsybl

Hades integration jars are published to maven central. Thus, to integrate Hades in a powsybl bundle, add the following dependencies to the pom.xml file:


Read how to create a powsybl bundle based on itools or on the Grid Study Environment, a JavaFX desktop application.

The itools-packager plugin of powsybl-core will copy all the maven dependencies to the share/java folder of the distribution. To enable a feature, you have to add a runtime dependency to the pom.xml file.

If you do not want to modify the pom.xml file, you have to download the dependencies for Hades2 integration in the share/java folder of the itools distribution. The dependencies are available on Maven Central following that link. The following jar files have to be downloaded:




Read this documentation page to learn how to configure powsybl to use Hades for load-flow computations.

Security Analysis

Read this documentation page to learn how to configure powsybl to use Hades for security analysis computations.

Remedial Action simulation

Read this documentation page to learn how to configure powsybl to use Hades for remedial actions simulations.

What’s next ?

Our goal is to have also open source computation modules integrated to PowSyBl (load flows, time domain simulators, optimizers, etc.). This is however work in progress and we would welcome contributions in that field.

Please also note that a simple DC load-flow is currently being developed mainly for demo purposes. The code is in the repository powsybl-open-loadflow.